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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WWII Documents

Finally, Spike's class schedule and my work schedule combined yesterday to give us a window to get me all Army Official. We went to post and got me enrolled in DEERS (Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System) and in TriCare (insurance) so I'm on the grid as an Army wife now. This process included the manufacturing of my military ID card, which---I swear--has more of Spike's info on it than mine. Also, I have to say that Natalia over at Army of Two was right--the thing really does look like a WWII document (you know, before color photographs were available).

I know this because yesterday, my dad sent me an electronic scan of my grandfather's discharge papers from the Navy, dated November 9th, 1945. Pretty interesting! In addition to bearing a marked resemblance to my brand-new ID, these papers told me that my grandfather was a Ship's Cook, Second Class, and was stationed in Hawaii for the duration of the war after enlisting in February 1942. Not a bad way to spend WWII, methinks. Also of interest: his discharge pay was $778.66, and he got $28.90 as a travel allowance. That wouldn't even buy a single tank of gas these days! How things change.

And speaking of travel allowances, our PCS (Permanent Change of Station, aka, moving) plans are firming up. We know when the movers will be coming to box things up, and this time next month, the Captain and I will be on our way to Fort Riley. I suspect the time will fly by at a frighteningly speedy rate.


  1. I'm over here laughing at your assessment of military ID's! I totally agree:)

  2. I had a terrible time trying to get me mil ID. I was lost all over the post and nearly wrecked twice. Fun times.

  3. Yeah, isn't it weird that all his info is on the back? At least the SS# is there so I don't have to memorize yet another number in my life.

    And I agree with you on the pumpkin spice latte. It was kinda too much. I'll just go back to the simple cappuccino.