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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Merry Cherry Mixer

I don't have much news of the terribly exciting sort to report today--but I did take the new stand mixer on its maiden voyage yesterday. Since I live in the Central time zone but work on an Eastern time schedule (ah, the joys of telecommuting!), my proverbial five o'clock whistle normally comes a little after 4:00 Central. That means I have some free time in the afternoons before Spike comes home, and yesterday I used it to bake.

I started with something simple--peanut butter cookies, with some chocolate chips thrown in for the heck of it. May I just say, if our kitchen were a kingdom, that mixer would be queen, and she would rule with an iron beater. Okay, enough with being dramatic. (I was an English major, though...being dramatic is one of the things we do best.)

The Merry Cherry Mixer doing its thing.

Before baking. (Sidenote: can't wait till we get my stuff from North Carolina. Then I will gratefully return to my baking stone--sorry, cookie sheet!)

...and after baking. Notice that a cookie is missing.

This is what happened to the missing cookie. It was snatched up, still burning hot, by the Captain, who had just returned from work. I still had my camera out, so I tried to get some nice pictures of him enjoying the first fruits of the Merry Cherry Mixer. (Whaddaya know...I guess it has a name now.) Anyway, these are the results I got:


NOM NOM. Spike love cookies.
Eh...well...I guess it's better than an action shot of him spitting out a mouthful of cookie because I'd accidentally used onion powder instead of baking powder, or something similarly tragic.

In other news, it rained all day yesterday. A lot. Our street was a flowing river, and the yard was a pond.

Lake Butters

And lastly, I want to try to write "our story" soon. I'm posting that goal now so I'll actually do it.

The beginning of the Butters saga.

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  1. Our Kitchen Aid is in Red and DH LOVES it. He makes super yummy things with it. I clean it and admire how nicely it matches with everything else in the kitchen:)