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Friday, September 17, 2010

25 Things in 25 Years

Today's my birthday. 25. A quarter of a century. It sounds simultaneously young and old. Whether I'm still a kid or technically an adult (or both), I'm grateful to have come this far with so many blessings. In honor of this "milestone" birthday, here are 25 things I've done/accomplished/am proud of so far:

1. Identified and developed a talent for drawing.
This is a portrait I drew for some friends' wedding.
2. Caught lots of snakes, toads, large bugs, crawdads, salamanders, etc. with my bare hands as a kid. In some ways I was a pretty fearless tomboy, and looking back, I'm happy about that. 
3. Graduated from high school second in my class.
I was really happy to get out of there! Some people remember high school fondly...I'm not one of them.
4. Was admitted to a wonderful university.

5. Found a wonderful group of friends my first week at said university.
Here we our our sophomore year. Funnily enough, on my birthday.

6. Found my academic passion--medieval studies.
Oh Beowulf, how I love you.

7. Did art historical research at a French cathedral for a month. I was a research assistant for my professor, and determined which of these stone heads were 13th century originals and which were later replacements.
We used a rolling scaffold. Elderly German tourists loved taking pictures of us.

8. Studied abroad in a foreign country. I was at Queen Mary, University of London, for three months.
In Trafalgar Square with two of my best friends.

9. Spent the night outside on the street in line for tickets. (A London performance of Guys and Dolls starring Ewan McGregor--it was worth it.)
Also in the cast were Douglas Hodge and Jane Krakowski.

10. Conceived of and coordinated a Medieval and Renaissance Studies conference for undergraduates and grad students--speakers came from multiple states.
It really was legit! There were t-shirts!

11. Studied three foreign languages: French, Latin, and Old English. (Yes, I know two of them are dead.) Alas, I'm not fluent in any...yet.

Graduated from college summa cum laude with honors in English, and minors in history and medieval studies. (Yes. NERD.)
At this moment I was probably wondering what I was going to do with all the free time staring me in the face.

13. Worked for my alma mater for nearly two years as an Admissions Counselor. Met lots of cool kids, read many applications that ranged from compelling to flabbergasting, and traveled around the country pitching Wake Forest University!
In Boston on Admissions business.

14. Found an incredible group of post-college friends in the "real world," too (this doesn't negate my college buds, though, just makes life even better).
With one of said friends. Yes, it was Halloween.

15. Breached national security. Seriously. I (inadvertently) flew to Boston from North Carolina without a ticket. That's a story for another time, though.

16. Became a homeowner--I bought a townhouse about a month before I turned 23. My brother's Christmas present to me that year was to paint it my dream colors. Living room and bedroom are pictured below.

17. Conquered my fear of public performance and sang with my church's worship team--alto. That's the closest I ever want to come to singing in a band!

18. Volunteered in the community with no intention of padding a resume. (I'm not trying to brag--I'm actually disgruntled with myself for not doing it sooner.) I tutored kindergartners on Monday nights at a ministry in my old city. Really miss it!
Me and one of my buddies.

19. Found a job that uses my English major and that I really enjoy: copywriter and ghostwriter for a public relations firm.
Back when I had a "real" office, before I started working from halfway across the country.

20. Lived with my grandmother as an adult for a year and a half. I moved back to my hometown to start said job as a writer, and moved into Grammy's second floor. I learned a lot about her life that I probably never would've otherwise--and made many priceless memories with her. I hope I'm half as cool when I'm 86.
Grammy being introduced to the iPod.

21. Tried out every major (natural) hair color: blonde, brown, (nearly) black, and red. I chose the first two pictures because they simply crack me up. A friend was practicing applying stage makeup in the first, and in the second I'm shooting skeet. Oh--red's definitely my favorite.


22. Wrote a novel (even if it's not a very good one) during National Novel Writing Month 2009.

23. Met a good man (who turned out to be my best friend, soul mate, better half, etc.)...
On our first date--check out that Afghanistan sunburn Spike is sporting!

...and married him, one week ago.

25. Lastly--I'm still here. I've got good health, few serious worries, and family, friends, and a husband who love me. I'm living in a completely new place, with yet another move right ahead. I've got a wonderful future to look forward to!


    1. Happy Birthday! Love the red hair, hooray for ancient history, you living room is cute, and the photo of your grandma and the iPod is hilarious!

    2. P.S Can't wait to hear the security breach story!

    3. Awesome post! Totally jeal of #8!

    4. Ooo, I love people who can pull of being a red! It's my favorite of your hair colors (I'm a little partial ;) - since I'm a natural red).

      Welcome to the club! You and Debra Messing! :D