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Friday, September 3, 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In: 3 September, 2010

I saw this on a fellow blogger's site and thought it'd be fun to do once in awhile. So, here goes (even though I'm not officially a spouse yet. Soon, dear readers. Soon).

If it tickles your fancy, join in and read other responses at Wife of a Sailor!

1. What is a weird/funny superstition that you have? 
Honestly, I can't think of anything off the top of my head. I'm not a very superstitious person. I'm fairly cautious, I'd say, but not superstitious. So that I'm not a total party pooper, though, something generally weird/funny about me is that I believe the Loch Ness Monster exists. That belief isn't grounded in fact or reality...I just arbitrarily decided a few years ago that it would be fun to assume that Nessie exists. Plus, having adopted that belief, I simply have to put Loch Ness on my list of places to visit. 

2. What are your hopes and dreams for the years AFTER the military? After all, we aren’t in it forever!    
Gosh, I haven't even begun to think about that with any amount of seriousness. I'm guessing it's 16 years or so down the road, assuming the Captain makes a career of the military (which is a distinct possibility). Generally, though--I hope for lots of travel, children and grandchildren I love, and health for myself and my family members. I also hope that writing will be a significant part of my life. No clue yet where I'd want to live.
3. Since [this] month is National Apple Month (no really!), I’d probably ask: What is your yummiest apple recipe? 
I don't cook much with apples, actually. Maybe I should? I suppose I could  make my yummy fruit cobbler with them, though I haven't done so yet. Actually, I would like to find a slam-bang recipe for baked brie with apples. Anybody got a good one?  

4. How long have you gone as a military spouse without talking to your husband/wife during service?  I haven't been a military significant other for very long at all...but I did ignore Spike for about a month when we were first getting to know each other as e-Harmony matches. Since we became an official item, though, we've spoken every day. Hope that trend lasts for awhile.

5. I occasionally watch When I was 17… on MTV. So, what was something that was significant about your 17th year of life?
Ooh, lots. My braces came off and I finally figured out that my long-standing mushroom-shaped haircut wasn't flattering. I graduated from high school second in my class. I decided which college I wanted to attend, and I was still 17 when I began my freshman year. During orientation, I met some of my best friends to this day. That's all pretty significant, I'd say! 


  1. That's awesome that you graduated second in your class!! I'm pretty sure I graduated something like second-to-last ;) Same thing in college...

  2. Thanks! I pretty much defined "bookworm." And believe me, I had the complete lack of a social life to prove it, too!

  3. I'm a new follower of your blog, thanks to the link on the Fill In linky. :)

    Brie and apples sounds delicious. If you get one, please share!

    I'm Lisa, the girlfriend to a fellow captain, and we met the same way you and Butters met! Glad I'm not the only one out there. :)

  4. You met via EHarmony?! I'd love to hear this whole story. Sean and I met via the internet too and I always love hearing stories like that.

  5. I had been thinking of writing a post on our "meeting"--I'll definitely do it now, sometime in the next week or so.