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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Army is so straightlaced...

...that it provides its instructors with official, specially-made straight edges to use when writing on a whiteboard. This is probably old news to anyone who's been in military circles for longer than a metaphorical hot second (i.e., not me)...but I thought it was pretty funny.

Here is Spike's friend Professor Pete demonstrating proper use of the Army's straight edge. 

It has a little knob in the middle that he's using to hold it up, as well as magnets on the back that I'm not supposed to tell you about because if their presence were widely known it would take away from the instructor's perceived prowess.


  1. Thanks for sharing Army secrets with us! I've been enjoying your blog! I wanted to pass this on to you:

  2. Now if they could just do something about the actual handwriting itself...Stencils?

  3. Now THERE'S an idea. Who cares if the writing is going uphill if you can't read it in the first place? I think I'll have to slip that into the conversation next time Spike and Professor Pete get together.

    ...why do I get the sinking feeling, the more I think about this, that the Army actually WOULD consider using stencils?

  4. LOL! Don't be surprised when you get a knock on the door from men in black suits telling you to take down this post! You may have just revealed a national secret!