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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Everyday Images: Some of this week's pictures

Spike and I aren't big drinkers, but when we saw these drink koozie necklaces, we just couldn't pass them up. They got their first test-run this week and worked out wonderfully...even if they aren't the height of class.

What do you think? Should we bring these along to the next semi-formal or formal military event? I think this would go great with an evening gown.

I love the way this photo turned out--looks like the D.A.R.E bear is the one wearing the beer!

We also cooked a nice meal last night--which hasn't happened much lately. I really do enjoy cooking and did more of it when I was here visiting earlier this summer, but now I'm finding myself less inclined to do so. It's not that I don't want to's just that I work from home, and since I'm here all day, I'm usually very eager to get out in the evenings. And a lot of the time, that ends up taking the form of eating out. Cooking a delicious dinner last night has re-inspired me to channel my inner chef more often.

The menu was: New York Strip Steak with Madeira pan sauce, rosemary and garlic-seasoned grilled potato pockets, asparagus, and a red table wine from a winery near Mt. Airy, NC.

Again, my photography leaves something to be desired...but it truly was delish.

Incidentally, does/has anyone ever worked full-time from home? If so, got any general tips? (By the way, I'm not complaining--I'm incredibly thankful to have a job that I can take anywhere with me, and that Bosslady has allowed me to do so!)

Snapped this while driving into town the other day. I can't deny that Oklahoma has a lot of natural beauty.

And lastly...look what arrived! Spike's wedding band was delivered yesterday, and you know what that means!

They're waiting patiently to be put to, not so patient.

Spike's parents are coming to visit this weekend. They get here tomorrow afternoon. I've looked to see what's going on this weekend--a big arts and crafts fair in Oklahoma City, multiple Native American festivals across the state, a rodeo nearby, and a corn maze have all caught my eye.

One thing that will be happening, I know, is a car swap. Spike's parents are going to take the big red pickup he bought earlier this summer, and leave their old Mercury Capri convertible in its place. Which means that I'm going to finally have to learn to drive stick. Oh boy. (Although I must say, having a convertible ought to be good times!)

The big red beast itself: a diesel Ford F250. The Captain has really enjoyed fixing it up.

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  1. If those were available to our unit, I can say with conviction that those drink koozie necklaces would be the hit of any unit formal function!