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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Contemplating Korea

I mentioned in my last post that Spike and I were thinking about trying for a duty station in Korea. We're both open to and excited about the idea of living abroad (one of the wonderful potential perks of the military lifestyle!), and we'd ideally like to do so during the early years of our marriage. Well, the Captain emailed his branch manager to make said request, and received the following information:

(Obviously) we can't be assigned to Korea in the near future, since Spike is currently a Rear Detachment Commander for a unit that won't redeploy until around this time next year. That said, the branch manager didn't shut us down completely, either. In fact, his response was rather hopeful, at least by Army standards. He told Spike to contact him again in February or March of 2012 for a November or December 2012 Korea assignment. (By that point, we'll have been at our current post for 2 years.)

So--nothing's set in sand yet, much less in stone. But I figure it can't hurt to do some research just to make sure this is really something Spike and I want to pursue. I've downloaded the "Seoul Survivor" guide that's published by the spouses' club over there. It was a relief to know right off the bat that Ellie Dog could probably come with us, and that there is a Tex Mex restaurant in Seoul. (You see how shallow my priorities are?)

All lightheartedness aside, though, I want to do my homework. Does anyone have any experiences with Korea? Would you recommend pursuing this possibility or not?


  1. I have no experience with Korea, but I've met quite a few Air Force people who absolutely LOVED it there! I say go for it if you guys can!

  2. You should talk to Adrienne from Right Here, Right Now []. She's there now and has some stories and pictures on her blog!