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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tearjerker Alert

I wouldn't consider myself to be an extremely mushy person. I base this opinion on the fact that I once read that the average woman cries something like 5 times a month...and I'm usually nowhere close to that statistic. (Please don't call me on this poor logic. Because if you forced me to watch Titanic 5 times a month, you can bet I'd cry at the end of every showing, thereby breaking my "record." There's some embarrassing truth for you.)

Anyway, all of that nonsensical rambling to introduce something else that could make me cry regularly: a new show called Coming Home. It's premieres this week on Lifetime, and features the surprise reunions between families and service members after deployments. After seeing an Internet ad for the show, I watched the preview. And had to fight a pretty intense battle with the urge to start bawling.

I tell you's a good thing Spike and I don't have cable. Because if we did, I'd probably be a puddle of sniffles on the couch every week.


  1. I am like you, not a big crier. When hubby deployed I gave him a quick hug and a kiss and said, see ya soon. I have cried only a handful of times since he left but I caught this preview while in the middle of a pretty missing deployed hubby day.... yeah I bawled for the better part of 5 minutes then felt the need to look it up. What a sweet idea and I will DVR it but doubtful I will watch it until after hubby gets home.


  2. I saw that preview, too, and added it to the list of shows I won't watch. I'm not a crier either, but that show would definitely get to me, and I'd rather not be a sniffling, snotty, blood-shot-eyed mess every week. :)

  3. I've seen the previews too. I'll have to stay away to keep from not dehydrating myself because of the show.

    I'm irrational and emotional enough as is. ;)

  4. I noticed that I had a new follower so I figured I would check you out and I am glad I did! I love it!

    I am so planning on watching that with a box of tissues...and I normally hate everything lifetime.

  5. Homecoming videos and pictures get me EVERY time. Even random people, I will still