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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The High-and-Tight

Warning: this post is both stupid and petty, and I realize that.

That established, does anyone else really, really dislike the military haircut? (The crewcut...the high-and-tight...whatever you want to call it...)

Because I do. I may be a military wife, but I'm not a fan of the military haircut. I realize this is entirely a matter of personal preference, so no offense if you happen to love the shaved and/or closely clipped look on your man, or on men in general. It just so happens that I, personally, prefer a more even distribution of hair.

This rant was prompted by the fact that Spike got a haircut at lunch today. He knows that I love his pretty blond hair (and that I'm not a fan of high-and-tights in general), so recently he's been keeping at least an inch of hair on the top of his head. (Nothing, though, can convince him to grow the sides long enough to touch his ears, because that would compromise his professional look.) Anyway, today the barber got rid of all that! The top is short enough for the hair not to lie down, and the sides...well...they're as good as shaved, with no gradual increase in length. Just a patch of hair on the top, and a clear line where "hair" meets "no hair."

Clearly this barber has a different conception of what "just a trim" means than I do.

My reaction was less than positive (though I did make it clear I wasn't mad at Spike himself, per se)...and now I feel horrible, because no matter what I do to my own hair he tells me I'm beautiful. But I still don't like the high-and-tight.

I think maybe I'm fixating on this to keep from being annoyed by larger frustrations and worries.


  1. My husband DESPISES the high and tight. I think he picked his job/unit in the military because he is allowed to grow his hair out beyond normal acceptable standards.

  2. Oi. Let's just say Mr. Wookie came back from Christmas (a mere 2 months into dating) with a high and tight. He wanted to see what it was about. He hated it. I HATED it. We've never seen it since. Amen.

    His normal routine is a "2" on the side, "3" on top. He's been cutting his hair since high school. And it works. And saves a bazillion dollars better spent on *cough* beverages.

  3. Mrs. Wookie, that is a GREAT idea. I mean, I've successfully cut my brother's hair with a pair of sewing scissors, so surely I can manage clippers. And if I feel the need to get a beer, some whisky, or a margarita afterward with the money I've be it.

  4. Husband used to not get the high and tight, but he's losing hair. He got a new ID made and it looks like he has NO hair on top. He turned around, and got a hair cut right then. Now he keeps it shaved on the sides so it looks like he has more hair on top.
    He had a lot more hair before we got married.

  5. I agree, it's such a strange haircut! The Old Guard has a very strict hair policy, even for the Infantry. They have to have a fresh haircut every Monday morning and it has to be "skin tight" on the sides. So the only hair cut options are basically bald or a "really high and really tight." Mr. F mixes it up a bit depending on the season but we're both looking forward to more relaxed hair rules when we leave the Old Guard!

  6. My fiance hates when they cut his hair too short. He keeps quite a bit on top. It's funny how much he hates the high and tight. I just like feeling his soft hair so I like a little bit of length but not too much!

  7. J never asks for the high and tight. But generally, the ladies at the on-post barber shop cut it however the hell they please...I find that so annoying! They don't listen and then when he points out that it's wrong, they act like *he's* the crazy one!!

  8. I like the high and tight. I absolutely can't stand long hair on men, so I think I'm just attracted to the opposite extreme. :)

    However, now that Hubby thinks he's going bald, he Bics his head. Like, just stubble on top. And with his thick eyebrows and generally pissed-off expression (which has nothing to do with how he's feeling), the first thing I could say was, "You look like a kiddie toucher." Yep, not Wife Of The Year material...

  9. I love the military hair cut...for the most part. My husband gets a medium fade, to skin on the bottom. It's the best of both worlds because he still has some hair on top. Without the fade, I hate it.

  10. Al shaves his head completely. During the long and busy weeks, he gets the buzz-fuzz look until a weekend comes along and he can shave it again.

    I think he's a beautiful man. And I think he looks great bald. (Which is good, because if the military didn't do it to him, nature already is!)

    The high-and-tight works on a select few, who have the right face for it. Those are usually great "drill instructor" faces. the rest look silly and should just wear there hair how they want within standards.

  11. Yeah I am not a fan of the high and tight. I cut Christopher's hair... his grows so fast we'd be broke if he had to pay for haircuts every other