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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Introducing Ellie

A couple weeks ago, Spike and I adopted a dog. (Thank you!) Ellie is a 7 month old border collie mix who (so far, anyway) has displayed almost none of the famed border collie energy.
In fact, she's content to lie around most of the day, and doesn't seem to care whether I take her on a daily walk or not. (Although she does enjoy sniffing every lump under the snow when we do go out.)
Ellie's temperament makes her the perfect inside dog! She has become my office buddy, coming to tell me hello in between naps while I work.
(Hey, at least someone is enjoying the new couch! Sometimes I contemplate taking my laptop over there, but I have so far rejected the idea on the grounds that I'd be asleep within five minutes. Much like Ellie here.)
When she is awake, Ellie likes to chew. So far, though, she's masticated only her own toys beyond recognition, and responds very well to "No!" Her biggest challenge by far has been learning where--and where not--to "go potty." I think we're 90 percent out of the woods now, thank goodness.
After her initial "breaking in" period, Ellie is well on her way to becoming a member of the family. How do I know this? Well, Spike has given her a nickname: Jelly Belly Ellie the Smelly. Thankfully, that last part isn't true. Actually, the first part isn't either.  But it is kinda funny.

Ellie and I will hopefully be attending a basic obedience course in March, and she goes to the vet tomorrow to get spayed. Poor baby! At least she doesn't know that she needs to be dreading it.


  1. Oh my goodness she is soooo CUTE! I love the photo of her next to her destroyed toy. Having animals is the best, especially when the husband is away for long periods of time.

  2. I know! The next time Spike is away for any significant period of time, he'll probably return to find me having complete conversations with the dog.

  3. I love your rug in the last picture! (The dog isn't too bad either :))