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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Haute Camo

I started life out as a Democrat, and have since come to realize that, if forced to categorize myself politically, I am really more of a Libertarian than anything else. (Much good that does me, or anyone, come election time.) Anyway, until Spike came into my life, I didn't watch much Fox news or spend time on their website. Main reason being, even when I agree with what's being said (which actually is a lot of the time), the way in which various commentators' opinions are delivered annoys me. *coughcoughBillO'ReillyandGlennBeckcoughcough* (No offense if you're a fan--they're just not my style. I prefer the calm, boring, non-aggressive types.)

This morning, though, during Spike's traditional breakfast-time Fox news trawl on the iPad, I saw something interesting: a charity called The Boot Campaign.  Essentially, its a grassroots charity that sells combat boots, and the proceeds benefit veterans who are returning from war. Pretty cool. What drew me in was the picture of Dolly Parton sporting said boots.

I looked a little closer, and saw that Dolly's camo pants are sequined. And I thought: I've seen that material before! On my first date with Spike, in fact, in an antique store in Boone, NC.

Okay, so the pattern is a little different, but still--same concept. I have to say, Dolly definitely wears it better...but this dress (which was full-length) would have made a big splash at prom. Especially if paired with bona fide combat boots! I think that camo will always be around in the fashion world...but do you think sequined camo will ever truly be a big hit? I tend to think it's only something you can 100 percent pull off if you're rich, famous, and have a personal stylist.

Also, do you think that combat boots on top of pants is something we civilians can get away with? I do like the look, but I somehow feel that wearing it would be presumptuous on a military I was trying too hard or something. Thoughts?

(Oh, and I kind of want Dolly's sweater.)


  1. I have a pair of black "novelty" combat boots. They are actually kid sized, and I used to wear them all the time. They have since worn down, and I'd like a new pair. I think combat boots would look cute over pencil jeans. I would be weary of desert colored boots, but that's just me. I liked the classic black best.

  2. I really like the skinny jeans/combat boots idea! Maybe I'll hit up the surplus store soon. And I'm with you on preferring the black.

  3. You’re right - sequins are classic Dolly, but at least she is doing a semi-proper salute. It irritates me when people put the side of their hand smack against the middle of their forehead. Wrong!

  4. I have some awesome brown leather combat boots from Steve Madden that I just love!

    Also, I always thought I was Democrat until I discovered the Liberal Libertarians! But I'm officially an Independent...yeah, elections suck for people like us.