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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nothing says "Love" like Twinkies.

It's interesting to me that the yesterday the entire Internet exploded thoughts about Valentine's Day: Why I do celebrate it, why I don't celebrate it, why it is a big deal, why it isn't a big deal, it's a celebration of love, it's just a Hallmark holiday, etc., etc., etc.

I'm not saying that any school of thought is right or wrong--to each their own. If you and your significant other took a veritable bath in roses, chocolates, and candlelight, good for you. If the two of you spent a night like any other, kudos. And if you resolutely ignored the hubbub or even attended a Singles Awareness Day party...well, that's fine too. However, I DO think that all of the opinions and conversations this holiday sparks point to one thing: Whether we want to admit it or not, loving and being loved are desires and needs that affect us all.

Anyhoo, Spike and I each did what we felt like to celebrate. Which ended up being very nice for me, since I got breakfast in bed and a lavender scent diffuser for my office.

Unfortunately, the Army messed up my Valentine's plans for Spike. I sent him a Pantygram (Google it) and had, well, plans for his homecoming. (Use your imagination, dear reader.) So of course, he was an hour and half late coming home, and was so stressed out about a task that had been sprung on him that he could barely focus both eyes on the same spot. Not exactly a recipe for romance. (Ah, the joys of Rear-D commence! I have to admit, though, you guys warned me.)

Well, I guess you learn to roll with the punches. We just had a different sort of bonding time (discussing how best to handle this challenge) than I'd imagined. And not all was lost, because earlier I'd slaved made these Valentine's Day desserts: 

Guess what? THEY ARE TWINKIES! Yes! I cut Twinkies diagonally to make heart shapes, drizzled some jam-based sauce on top, and put a cherry on each one. Presto! Twinkies make everything better, and are a great way to declare your undying love for someone. We ended the night gobbling these (the dog even snuck a bite), drinking beer, and watching True Blood. Not too bad.


  1. Those are the most romantic Twinkies ever. I love the idea! Do you mind if I use it? :)

  2. Thanks! Please do use the Twinkie idea. I actually have to give the credit for this one to my mom.