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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Coming Soon to a Theatre Near Me:

Wives Gone Wild 2011

At least, that's what Spike's right-hand NCO (non-commissioned officer) says regarding the unit's upcoming deployment. I know I haven't had many exciting stories lately (such is to be expected when you work at home and rarely set foot in the outside world), but I suspect that's all about to change. Spike may look back on this rear-detachment command as the most hair-raising year in his military service. I hate that Army wives have the reputation they do, but in many cases it's justified.

Also, my arms and shoulders are seriously sore because of the Wii fit game in which you have to flap your arms like a bird's wings. That's good, I guess?


  1. My arms were so sore after playing that game! I havne't played in awhile (I need to.) It's kinda weird being a chicken...

  2. I know! I like how you stretch your "wings" at the beginning.

    Also, Super Mario Bros. came with our Wii. Spike really likes it, so I went with your Mario Kart recommendation for one of his birthday presents! I'm tempted to give it to him early just because I want to play!