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Friday, February 18, 2011

Weekend Beard

I'll start by saying that Spike's sister Erin is awesome. She's awesome for many reasons, but the one I'm going to highlight here is that she's an amazing crochet-er. Look at the goodies she made for Spike and me! And pardon the relative crappiness of photos made with my phone.

Spike got a Weekend Beard. Since he can't grow a real one due to Army regulations, he now has a crocheted version to tie around his head when he's not at work. Oh, and his beard really is red. Sadly, I've only seen it in stubble form and never in its full glory. But I still call him Barbarossa from time to time.

Behold, the Weekend Beard!

 Since I don't have a real beard (thank God) and don't really need a fake one either, Erin made me some hand warmers that match the hat she gave me for Christmas. These things are perfect for someone like me! (I.e., someone who has the circulation of an 85 year-old, and whose hands are always cold.) I have been wearing them in the mornings while I work, since they allow me to type freely. Also, I like how they kinda make me feel like a Dickensian urchin.

Holy Hand Warmers, Batman!

I think Erin should open up an Etsy shop. How many of you milspouses have husbands in need of Weekend Beards?


  1. That's so awesome! My husband would take a weekend beard (in black) in a heart beat. He'd wear it to every Giants baseball game too, as in Fear the Beard. Let me know if she does open up a shop! :-)

  2. The beard is awesome! Love your hand warmers too:)

  3. The weekend beard cracks me up. I swear B could grow a beard in a day. He gets the worst 5 o'clock shadow. I went on a conference for a week once and came home to Grizzly Adams.