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Friday, January 7, 2011

You're right!

You know what? You're all right! Nothing terrible is going to happen if I only connect with the "official" unit spouses' community on an occasional, more formal basis. Spike's career will march on regardless, and my happiness will be much greater if I don't have to suppress my weirdness. (And yes, I consider my weirdness to be a good thing.) Lastly, even if I don't become bosom buddies with these folks, it doesn't mean we're enemies either. I can still be in the need-to-know loop, and ask for support if I need it.

Since the spouses' coffee was my first experience with the community here at Fort Riley, I panicked because I didn't seem to fit. The nearly instantaneous reassurance and encouragement via comments was just what I needed. (Sadly, my self-esteem and self-confidence have yet to reach Xena Warrior Princess status.) The bottom line is, I am a nerd with a gigantic map of medieval England hanging prominently in her office. I can't do the social butterfly thing. My not-so-secret goal is to write and publish a dirty romance novel. My latest music obsession is Appalachian bluegrass and folk. And that's the person I'm going to be as I meet new people and become involved in new things here in Kansas!

So--onward and upward! I've found an intriguing friend in my neighbor, who is also a (fairly) newlywed and is uninitiated into many things military. I think that's a great place to start. And I probably will give the next coffee a shot...after all, they're promising that margaritas will be prominently featured. Who am I to say no to "that frozen concoction that helps me hang on"?


  1. You rock!! And I love the photo of you under "Meet the Butters" your hair is gorgeous!

  2. I think the margaritas are a great reason to go:) I think that map is probably pretty cool...but I like maps!

  3. Wait, you're local to me! OMG! I am near Leavenworth. How AWESOME! Not to be freaky stalker or anything, but you say you're weird. I'm weird. We should get together and be weird sometime.
    If you're interested, send me an email: feministmilitaryspouse AT gmail DOT com

  4. I say margaritas are a perfect reason to go to another

  5. Maybe all these women function seemingly so well BECAUSE they drink alcohol whenever they have to see each other!

    Rock hard, you medieval weirdo. You're beautiful for it. ;)

  6. Hahaha! Maybe you can link up with a local medieval clan! My step-brother was really into that in Atlanta, he told me there were different kingdoms and each person had a different ranking, I guess you could say, common people, knights, etc. I don't know much about it, but he loved it. They held classes every week where each person showcased a different talent, craft, or artwork from that period!

    There are a lot of us WEIRDOS in the Army, you just have to sniff them out! My husband is an officer in the infantry and everyone makes fun of him because we have a love for techno music, not the cheesy stuff you hear on the radio with the overly repetitive beats, but some good stuff. We go to the electronic music festival in Detroit almost every year, like a pilgrimage. A lot of people seem intrigued when we tell them about electronic music, but the funny thing is we look normal from the outside!

    And lady, there are other people that like bluegrass! There was awesome station you could get on somedays around fort benning that played it. And in odd spots when driving through Texas! lol. I like the really, creepy, dark sounding bluegrass with all the voices of key and nasal-y and ominous gospel lyrics. If that makes sense!

    You go girl! Be thankful you're not a stepford wife!