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Friday, January 7, 2011

Ditz in the Kitchen; Heroes on the Screen

You know how there are some flavor combination that just don't mesh? Well, yesterday I found one of them. Newsflash: ginger and peanut butter taste kinda weird together.

After I finished work I decided to make some cookies since the Butters household was running low on dessert-y items. I chose a ginger cookie recipe since I am, apparently, still trying to hold on to the holiday vibe. Yay. Great. Ginger cookies! Anyway, I'd barely gotten started when Spike made his "Honey, I'm home!" entrance. He started telling me some stories about what had happened at work that day, and (apparently) I got engrossed. So engrossed that Spike stopped his story, looked at me with a perplexed expression, and asked me, "I thought you were making ginger cookies."

"I am."

"Then why did  you just put peanut butter in the mixing bowl?"

Because I'd been paying so much attention to his story that I'd unwittingly shifted my gaze to the peanut butter cookie recipe next to the ginger cookie one. Oy vey. It was too late to take corrective measures, so I went stoically forward with my mixing and baking. I will say, the cookies smell weirder than they taste. But still. Not one of those classic "I discovered it completely by accident!" recipes.

On another note, I'm sure we all have things we'd never have encountered if not for a spouse, significant other, wacky friend, etc. Here's one of those things for me:

Shockingly, I had never heard of this one before Spike introduced it to me.

We watched it the other night. Yes, the characters are actually named Harley Davidson and Marlboro Man. And in all honesty, I have seen worse.


  1. What are you talking about?! Ginger and peanut butter are fantastic together!! Maybe not in cookies.... but if you add some Thai Hot sauce you have the sauce for Pad Thai and other Asian inspired dishes. =)

    Oh, and Harley Davidson Man and Marlboro Man?! Seriously?!? You know someone got paid hundreds of thousands for that movie.

  2. Wow, that movie looks pretty terrible. :) But I'll take it over a Jean Claude Van Damm movie any day.

  3. @Jessica: You're right! I ought to just crush them over Pad Thai as a "garnish."

    Also, I must say, I never did understand the appeal of Mickey Rourke! Or Jean Claude, for that matter.

  4. lol, you made Thai cookies! It's a good sign you were so interested in your hubby's tales that you got distracted, I usually cannot focus on those work stories!!!


  5. Hilarious! Glad I found your blog this morning :)