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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Squaws and Good Witches and Confederates, oh my!

I had been halfway planning on doing a Halloween Costumes of my Youth post anyway, and that intention was firmed up even more when I learned about the vintage costume-sharing going on over at Goodnight Moon. If you post some pictures of your own and link up, you might get a treat. 

Sadly, I don't have very many pictures to share. They exist, of course...but most of them are in my mother's archives in North Carolina. Hence, I can't access them. However, I was able to glean a few snapshots from my brother's Facebook account, and I had one of my own in my files. Here we go!

At this point I should mention that my grandmother is an amazing seamstress, and she made Halloween costumes for my brother and me every year. Some that I don't have pictures of include Belle and the Beast, Jasmine and Aladdin, and Minnie and Mickey. One year, I was Babe the Gallant Pig and my brother was Luke Skywalker. So, not so much matchey-matchey that Halloween.

In this picture, my brother is Captain Hook, and I am Princess Tiger Lily. The pumpkin, apparently, is the Cat in the Hat.

Moving on, here I am in my Glinda the Good Witch outfit. In the interest of full disclosure, this picture wasn't taken on Halloween (this was probably during dress-up on some random day). I had a more authentic Glinda hat that I wore on Halloween, and I remember that my brother was the Tin Man that year. Here, he appears to be Davy Crockett from the waist up, and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fanboy from the waist down.


And lastly, my all-time favorite Halloween costume: Confederate soldier from the Civil War. Yes, Confederate soldier from the Civil War. I honestly don't remember what started it all, but by sixth grade I was obsessed with Civil War history. Obsessed. I read all the books I could find on the subject. I could have told you when and where every major engagement was fought, and what the outcome was. I was familiar with all of the prominent commanders on each side. I knew what sorts of weapons were used, and what their pros and cons were. I researched the period's culture, and knew fairly accurately what daily life was like for civilians and soldiers. Yes, I was already firmly entrenched as a nerd...but I had a blast! And nobody was surprised when I wanted to be a Confederate soldier for Halloween (I had to represent my home state of North Carolina, after all!). Sibling rivalry being what it is, my little brother insisted on dressing as a Yankee soldier. 

I took this picture with my cell phone...but maybe the graininess adds to the "authenticity?"

Johnny (or Janie) Reb and Billy Yank. After Halloween, we fought many a backyard battle in full costume. 

So, there you go! I wonder how my future kids are going to surprise me in their costume choices.


  1. Ok, first, thank you so much for entering our contest! You sure did it up with these photos.

    Your grandmother is seriously talented, but more importantly, you are creative with your costumes.

    I actually spit my lunch out in laughter at the Confederate and Yankee soldier's one. Classic!

    I am now following you and again, thanks for joining the fun!

  2. Oh my goodness! I love the confederate soldier costume... so creative! I need to get my mom to dig through all her pictures and find some. I was a tornado one year... it was awesome!

  3. OMGosh!!!!! I wanted to be YOU.....well...I wanted to be Glenda sooooo bad! I would dream and wish to be her when I closed my eyes at night. Seriously...she was my fantasy Halloween costume! I'm totally jealous!

    Your Grandma had MAD sewing skilZZZZ!

    Thanks for linking up! I loved all your costumes!

    FYI...I would STILL dress up and be Glenda in my adulthood!

  4. After seeing all of these I'm going to have to raid my mom's picture box! I was in love with the Civil War when I was a kid too! Not nearly to the extent that you were but I've since moved on to WWII. If I wasn't so busy being a princess for Halloween every year I def would have been a soldier!

  5. No you did NOT just drop a Billy Yank reference?!?! How many awesome points do I get for having a book on him on my shelf? Like a billion?

    *high five me*

  6. LOVE the civil war costume! And you're brother's TMNT-esque costume hahaha!