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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Miscellany...and a house!

I've been doing that thing lately where I write blog posts in my head, and then neglect to actually type them out. Oops!

Well, the big news is that Spike and I officially have an on-post house to move into when we PCS in...gulp...eight days. Somehow we went from being smack-dab in the middle of the wait list to having three different floor plans to choose from. I was momentarily distracted by the one with a sun room, but it didn't take much further discussion for Spike and I to decide that a garage was preferable to a sun room. We'll also have a small front porch and a decent amount of storage space (unless the floor plan is lying), so I'm very much relieved. Spike, meanwhile, is over the moon at the prospect of not having a 20-minute commute to PT and work every day.

What else? Well, I had my first experience with military medical centers. It was a fairly simple matter of talking to a PA so that I could get a prescription changed, but I was still fairly frightened by the stories I've heard from Spike and from some of my fantastic fellow bloggers. Most hair-raising was Spike's visit to the dentist after returning from downrange.

"I see you've still got your wisdom teeth," the dentist told him. "Two of those are pretty near the surface--I can roll them right out for you now. You're a tough guy; you don't need anesthesia."

WHAT???? Needless to say, Spike firmly told the man that he'd prefer to see an oral surgeon. Yikes.

So yeah, I was really relieved to meet my friendly, helpful PA...and to pick up my new prescription, all in under an hour. Yes, I know...I'm sure I'll run into more difficulties in the future!

Lastly, I'm getting my hair trimmed and re-colored this afternoon. I'm kind of apprehensive about it--I haven't been to a new stylist in about 12 years (unless you count the student at the Vidal Sassoon school in London. He looked more like a body builder than a hairstylist, but didn't do a bad job). We'll see what happens!


  1. YAY for getting a house! I've loved living on post :)

  2. It's such a relief knowing that you have a place to move into to! YAY for getting on post! We enjoying living on base when we first got married. We recently bought a house and are loving that, but I would live on base again.

  3. Yay for a house! And yeah, you'll have some pretty scary experiences with military medical facilities... the one thing I always tell people who ask for advice is to be your own advocate. lol! Good luck with your hair appointment and the big move!