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Friday, October 22, 2010

Funny Face

Yesterday I got my hair trimmed and colored. It was an adventure spanning the hours of 4:30 to 8:30 (yup, 4 hours), but quite worth it. My hair is newly-red; I went a little more toward rust tones for autumn. I also got a treatment that, if it works as advertised, will retain up to 65 percent more color than normal. (If you've ever dyed your hair red, you know it fades out like no other color.)

Honestly, I buy most of my clothes at discount stores like Ross and TJ Maxx, or off the sale racks. I can only remember one shopping expedition--ever--during which I bought whatever I wanted without regard to price. (Fun at the time; slightly sickening later when I looked at my bank account.) However, I'll shell out for hair. I figure it's the one thing I wear all the time, every day. Who cares how fashionable your clothes are if your hair is, as one of best friends would say, a hot mess? So yeah, I'll spend hours and dollars to get it looking good.

I was going to take a few pictures last night to post, but my phone's camera wasn't doing a great job of capturing the new color. It's actually a lot redder than it looks here. But that's not the point. Before my little photoshoot was underway, the Captain staged a sneak attack. Here are a few of the results:

I really do love this man. I expect his rubber face to be entertaining for years to come.

Lastly, since I didn't leave the salon till 8:30, I did what any other responsible, health-conscious adult would do for supper: I went through the Mickey D's drive-thru and ordered a cheeseburger happy meal. Duh. And to my extreme delight, this is what the happy meal came in:

How awesome is that?? Pretty darn, methinks.


  1. Jealous of the happy meal BUCKET! And I love my hair red... I'd given up on salon grade, though because of the wash out. Any words on this treatment? Let me know what you think. I usually wreck my hair with Feria for red then treat it nicely with expensive shampoo and conditioner.

  2. Before I forget, this is the treatment I got:

    I'll let you know how the fadeout goes. I will say, though, that I can already tell a big difference in how soft my hair is. There are more minerals than H2O in the water here, and for the first time my hair doesn't feel entirely like straw.

    And to make the Happy Meal bucket even better, there are Mr. Potato Head stickers you can decorate it with. I don't care how old you are--stickers are fun!!

  3. Love your hair! I agree with you on spending good money to get good hair. I just got mine highlighted last weekend after 6 months and I feel fantastic! I miss my hairguy in SF but I managed to find someone who knows what they're doing here in DC. I once spent 2 DAYS at a salon to get it stripped (twice), dyed and highlighted after I went brown with box dyes. Moral of the story: Let a professional highlight my hair.

  4. I used to dye my hair red but got so tired of the fade out and keep up. I started dying it in middle school and kept it up till my early twenties. I haven't dyed my hair in about 8 years though I do think about it. Then I think about keeping up with my roots and I put the dye back! Besides, DH likes my natural color, so I figure I'll enjoy it until the gray starts to show and then dye it then!