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Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Temporary Office

Just thought I'd share...this is where I worked on Tuesday because it was the only room in the house not disturbed by movers hauling boxes and furniture.

Nice desk and desk chair, huh? My dad says that many of his life's most inspirational moments have occurred in this room.

Yesterday I migrated back and forth between the floor and a bag chair. Both of these made my back hurt and my bum-bum go numb-numb, so I may go to *gasp!* Starbucks to work this afternoon. Also, I have a new appreciation for furniture.

Spike's parents arrive this afternoon so that they can attend his graduation tomorrow. After that, we'll set off for Kansas! Woah.


  1. Isn't it so strange to have people show up, take all your stuff away, and then you drive off to some place you never would have chosen to live if the Army had not suggested it- and your stuff arrives and then you're just supposed to live there? I'm still kind of in shock, and I've been up here for over a month. And thank God for bloggers- my first two friends were blog-buddies.

  2. At least you can multi-task in your office:) Enjoy graduation (Congrats to your hubby!) and time with your in-laws and the ride to Kansas.

  3. Hahhahaha, way to take over the throne of the home!

    And were you quoting Night at the Museum with that bum-bum bit? Nice, if so!

  4. Yes, in fact--that WAS a nod to Night at the Museum. :-)