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Monday, May 24, 2010

A trip to the Capital (of Oklahoma, that is).

Well, it's been a bit longer than usual (if there can be a "usual" after less than a month of having a blog) since my last post...but I figured I'd spare our loyal readers entries like, "I worked, and Spike went to class!" In a nutshell, that's what we did last week. Which is fine--wonderful, in fact, to have settled into a "real life" routine like two functioning adults--but it probably doesn't make for the most scintillating reading. Hopefully what follows will be a bit more out of the ordinary. But don't get all pscyhed up for something like the Captain wrestling a longhorn steer to the ground. It's not that exciting.

Okay, so...(drumroll please)...on Saturday, Spike and I drove up to Oklahoma City! We confined our activities to a section of the city called Bricktown. You could call it touristy (because it is), but it was a lot of fun to walk around. Our first stop was the American Banjo Museum, which is brand spankin' new.

The American Banjo Museum is the red building on the left. Inside awaits a whole fun world of pickin' and grinnin'. Much to our relief, Deliverance references were limited to a few movie clips in the "Banjos in Hollywood" exhibit.
Spike surveys the banjos.
The first bit of the museum told the history of the banjo, which began in America as a homemade instrument constructed by slaves. It grew in popularity throughout the 19th century, and by the time the 1920s rolled around, was very popular. In fact, at one point (and this really shocked me!) the banjoist was one of the highest-paid members of musical groups and orchestras.

Most of the museum's real estate was (as one might guess) devoted to banjos themselves. I was surprised by the artistry that went into them--inlaid wood, jewels (one might even say bedazzling), and carvings.
My favorite was the one to the right with the ship on it.
After studying up on banjos, the Captain and I continued to walk the streets of Bricktown.

Check it out: as I blithely point out North Carolina on the mural, a space shuttle hurtles toward Canada while a group of children looks on.
Here we are by a river/canal/some sort of body of water.
Just for kicks and giggles. You know, if there was one thing I learned as a kid, it was that good things always happen when you distract a man who is trying to read a map.

Midafternoon, we stopped at a pub and got some beer. The Captain tried a heffeweisen sampler, while I tried a sampler of local brews. Turns out Oklahoma makes some decent beer. Then, naturally, we went to Starbucks. Naturally. Doesn't everybody drink coffee after having a pint or two?

Coffee time is ALL the time. Check out that expression of intense concentration.
Here, I pretend to be frightened by the large blow-up gargoyle...
...while the Captain chooses to punch its lights out.

We ate dinner at The Melting Pot (my first time eating there--a fun and filling experience!), then trekked back to our little town of Geronimo. So far, I'm a fan of Oklahoma City. We might go back at some point to check out the art museum.
Yeah, you can laugh. You won't hurt my feelings. But it is funny.

We ended our weekend on a quiet note with church at the Main Post Chapel, a trip to the commissary for groceries (yes, apparently we really are adults...though the self check-out continues to defeat us), and a trip to Ross (on my orders) to buy throw pillows. Right now I'm concentrating on the living/dining room , which is starting to look very nice, if I do say so myself. We've positioned the furniture and hung a few pictures thus far, which leaves hanging the curtains. Once that's complete, I'll take some pictures of the new and improved Chateau Butters.

I must say, it has been tough to restrain myself expenditure-wise, as my natural impulse is to go out and buy a liberal supply of art and other types of wall decor. Knowing what my downfall is likely to be, though, I have instructed Spike to continuously remind me while shopping: "We're only here for five more months. Do not spend a lot of money on this place. We're only here for five more months. Do not spend a lot of money on this place." So far, he has done an admirable job.

One final note: the Captain's gunnery exam is this Wednesday, so send up a quick prayer that all of the material (which looks hopelessly confusing to me) stays straight in his brain. Right now, he and his friend Professor Pete, who is also formerly of the 82nd Airborne and who is currently certifying to teach artillery to brand new lieutenants, are camped out on the couch talking about...hmmm...sounds like something to do with quadrants and ranges. Oy vey. America should thank its lucky stars that I'm not in charge of this stuff! No worries, though--I'm doing my patriotic duty in other ways. Like cooking two of the Army's intrepid captains enchiladas and peach cobbler, washed down by some good old North Carolina blackberry wine.

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