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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Airplane Musical Chairs

First of all, since today is Armed Forces Day, thanks again to all the members of the United States Military. This morning I thanked the Captain for serving in the Armed Forces, and he responded that he would happily be "Armed," but that I was the "Force" in our duo. Okay, I can live with that--even though Spike could probably incapacitate me one-handed in his sleep. I'm also tempted to make all manner of Star Wars references, but I'll refrain. (C'mon, how often do you get told you're the Force?)

Secondly, I'm typing away from a dubiously comfortable plastic seat in the E Terminal of Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Yes, I should currently be on an airplane, but plans have changed a bit. To cut to the chase, I was originally scheduled to fly from Charlotte to Dallas this morning, and then from Dallas to Lawton, arriving at 2:00. I arrived at the airport this morning to find that my flight to Dallas had been canceled due to weather, and was told by an airline phone representative that I had been rescheduled to fly out at 6:20 AM Sunday morning. Yuck. In addition to being sorely disappointed by the delay, I did not fancy hauling my sleepy self from bed at 3:00 AM tomorrow morning. 3:00 AM is one of those hours you almost always regret seeing, whether you've stayed up late or gotten up early.

Turns out, though, that waiting in lines and being nice to folks pays off--because the wonderful lady at the American Airlines counter was able to reroute me to Saint Louis on a US Air flight, from there to Dallas on American, and finally from Dallas to Lawton. I'll be arriving at 8:20 this evening after experiencing the luxurious economy class quarters of three different airplanes--but it's a sight better than waiting till tomorrow! I am amusing myself by watching Season 8 of Buffy, which I thankfully stuck in my bag last-minute, and will probably mosey on down to Salsaritas in a bit for some (hopefully) tasty south-of-the-border lunch food.

Nine hours till Spike...fingers crossed!

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