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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Moving Haiku

One of the good things about PCSing (Permanent Change of Station...I'm learning that the military has a LOT of acronyms) is that the Army pays for the move and takes care of all of the packing and delivery. However, all of the risks that normally accompany moving furniture, knicknacks, and home decor across several state lines still exist.

The good news is that Spike's worldly possessions were delivered to Chateau Butters yesterday, and that his Harley arrived none the worse for wear--which prompted a sigh of relief.

The bad news is that not everything made it in one piece. Namely, a few pieces of furniture were damaged, and some of the as-yet-unopened boxes look, in Spike's words, "crunched." Annoying and disappointing, yes, but such is life. And we should be reimbursed for the cost of the damaged items.

In my typical nonsensical fashion, I immediately offered to write a moving haiku upon hearing the news. Somewhat disgruntled by the demise of his belongings (and understandably so), the Captain declined my offer, stating that reading such a poem would only stir up horrific visions of the carnage (or something to that effect...I may or may not be exaggerating just a bit). His words came too late, though, as various five and seven-syllable phrases were already wending their ways through my brain.

And so, since this ridiculous moving haiku has sprung into mental existence, I'll share it with you, dear readers. Please, hold your applause.

Furniture damaged
Two tables and ab machine
Scared to check dishes

That just about says it all, folks.

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