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Friday, August 20, 2010

Camera Conundrum

Okay, so it's not a conundrum, exactly...more like a query. I just liked the alliteration.

I've decided it's time to start saving for a new digital camera. For one thing, my old camera was a Christmas gift my freshman year of college, which was...sweet mercy...almost seven years ago. Eons in technology years! For another thing, I've been using my little brother's slightly newer (circa 2007) camera for the past six months or so. And it's time I gave it back. (By the way, bro, it you're reading this--thanks!)

So here are my requirements. I want a camera that:
  • takes good, clear pictures in a variety of lights
  • is a point-and-shoot (albeit one with an array of settings, should I require them). While I might one day graduate to interchangeable lenses and the like, that day is not here yet.
  • is portable and durable (aka will fit into my purse and not die there)
  • will last me several years, at the very very least
  • I don't need to read an encyclopedia to figure out
Basically, I love the "look" of professional-quality shots, and I want a point-and-shoot camera that will get me as close as possible to that.

A few months ago, I saw a likely candidate on a blog I follow called Marta Writes. The author purchased a Canon PowerShot G11. Her camera requirements were very similar to my own, and she seems to be quite pleased with her purchase. (It you're interested in taking a look at what she has to say, go here.)

Now, this is a $435 camera we're talking about--not a purchase to make lightly. I'll admit it: I'm pretty camera-illiterate. But I want to spend my money wisely. If anyone has any feedback or other recommendations, I'd be really grateful for your input!

The potential next Meg-camera

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  1. I think it looks like a pretty good "starter" camera... meaning that its a little more than just your regular old point and shoot and would be a good in-between if you decide to go and get a DSLR. While I personally am a Nikon girl through and through, Canon cameras do take some great pictures. (I liken the Canon/Nikon thing to the Pepsi/Coke