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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Spike, Friend of the Turtles

Well, he might hang me out to dry for sharing this in a public forum, but I'm completely enraptured by the fact that Spike saved a turtle yesterday on his morning commute to Fort Sill. Apparently the little guy was lumbering determinedly across the road, unaware of potential death and/or dismemberment whizzing by him. So the Captain--a self-described cold-blooded, steely-eyed, gun-toting soldier--stopped his truck, got out, and carried our little turtle friend to the side of the road.

Makes me melty inside. Spike is a good egg.
Not the kind of turtle our hero rescued. But wow! I used to love this show as a kid.
Side note: can you imagine the creators of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pitching their idea to a producer? "Hey, we have a great idea for a show! Four teenagers are going to turn into giant turtles, and a giant rat is going to teach them ninja skills! And then they'll battle evil, live together in the sewer, eat lots of pizza, and hang out with a red-haired reporter in a yellow jumpsuit. It's going to be radical!!"

For the record, my favorite Hero in a Half Shell was Donatello, the cerebral purple one.

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