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Monday, June 7, 2010

Fun in the Fellowship Hall

I am thrilled to announce that I survived Saturday's yardsale only a few oddly-shaped patches of sunburn worse for the wear. It wasn't my family's best year as purveyors of sundry cast-offs, but ultimately we now have dollars in our grubby paws that we didn't have before. Traditionally, said dollars are used to fund a meal or two on our annual beach trip.

I suppose the "economic downturn" is partly to blame for the less-than-stellar sale. In addition, my dad is of the opinion that the majority of our wares--clothes--didn't appeal to the yard sale-ing crew.

"I agree with Jon Reep," he told me. (If you weren't aware, Mr. Reep is the winner of Last Comic Standing, and he's one of my high school's most noted alums--therefore, a local celebrity.) "Most yard sale shoppers fall into what Jon would call the Red, White, and Blue category," Dad continued. "Redneck, white trash, and blue collar."

I laughed in spite of myself. And lest you think me (or my dad) insensitive, it was said with affection. Where we're from, folks (including members of our family) wear all of those labels with pride. They're proud to be the backbone of America. Or, as it's pronounced in these parts, "Murricuh." (Incidentally, the Captain also favors this pronunciation when he encounters something particularly patriotic. The word carries the weight of a benediction, and is usually accompanied by a decisive nod.)

Anyway, back to the point--according to Dad, our red, white, and blue friends prefer trinkets to clothes. I'd have to agree with him. So to Goodwill the leftovers went.

Also noteworthy is the fact that I sang my very first karaoke song on Saturday evening at the church fellowship potluck. The event was held in honor of the church's 220th anniversary--how cool is that? Here in "Murricuh," that's pretty old (although still in the infant stages by European standards). I had a lot of fun with my karaoke debut, probably because my confidence was buoyed by the presence of three friends! We sang "Goodbye Earl" by the Dixie Chicks--very appropriate for church, I must say--and belted out the chorus, "Cause Earl had to DIIIIEEEEE!!!" with special gusto.

On our way to the big time. I'm on the far right. Clearly, the kids to the side of the stage are awestruck by our talent. Or...not.
The bridal shower I mentioned in my last post was, to my relief, lovely. I hope my friend Liz is ready to cook...a lot. Because her cabinets are bound to be fully stocked after this! I told her to expect me at Thanksgiving (she got a giant turkey baking pan) with my "plus one." For those who are interested, here's a picture of my contribution to the event: the refreshment table. I didn't make the food, but I did arrange everything. My favorite touch was floating candles in teacups.

Flowers and frills are kind of incongruous in a gym! If you listened closely, you could still hear the faint echoes of "Goodbye Earl" lingering from the night before.

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