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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Banner Day

When my dog Ellie and I got back to North Carolina, we were greeted by a banner made by my younger brother. You can see where his priorities lie....

It made me laugh. At least I got a small shout-out in the corner.

In other news, I think I can cross "the big crisis" that's supposed to happen during a deployment off my list...I was Car One in a three-car accident yesterday evening. I had stopped to wait on traffic in the other lane to break before turning left into my parents' driveway after work, and the car behind me had also stopped. However, the car behind them hardly slowed down, hit Car Two, and pushed it into me. Fortunately, no one was hurt, and my car (poor, poor Mini Cooper, less than a year old) is still driveable. I think it will need a new bumper. All in all, it could have been a lot worse. After the initial shock of being hit, I really wasn't that upset; after all, eleven years ago I had an accident in which I WAS the driver doing the rear-ending, so I know how easily it can happen. My parents commented on how calm I seemed. All I could think was, After living day and night with the knowledge that my husband is far away in a dangerous place, something happening to my car--with no human injuries--doesn't even compare.

But still, this counts as my Deployment Crisis, right?


  1. It definitely still counts! Also, on a random note... my mom drives a mini and LOVES it!

  2. It counts!!

    I'm sure my brother would do the same thing with the sign. In fact, my cat would be the only one that would get a shoutout.

  3. Up until injury, nothing major happened, not even a fender bender. But 37 little things would go wrong in a day, or my dogs would fight, or... well, you can the picture. Washer and dryer breaking is a common crisis. So I am with you, I hope this is your Big D Crisis. And yay for owning a mini-cooper! We couldn't get one at Drum and now with the chair we probably never will, unless it's a beat-up "fun" car and Minis aren't that cheap. I bet it's super cute! What color?

  4. Glad you are okay! Also, regarding the banner, somethings never change :)

  5. Kat, you're so right. ;-)

    Warrior Wife, the Mini, affectionately nicknamed Redbeard, is red with white stripes and and white roof. I've been determined to get one ever since I saw "The Italian Job" all those years ago. I'm ready to help with a heist at a moment's notice now.