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Monday, July 16, 2012

Dear Unit FRG:

I understand the usefulness of Facebook as a way to disseminate information. However, next time you might want to think twice before posting that there will be a redeployment ceremony within the next 24 hours when it is the case that
A) No email was sent regarding said redeployment ceremony and
B) The ceremony only involves a small fraction of the unit's deployed soldiers.

A spouse whose heart swelled with irrational hope while scrolling through her newsfeed, only to experience equally irrational crushing disappointment when she realized her husband wasn't involved.

P.S.--I'd also like to thank my husband's company FRG leader for finally sending out the first email I've received during this deployment, excluding the generic ones from the FRSA.

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  1. I feel like we are going through the same exact deployment. Unreal. I have really tried to give the FRG a chance but the more I hear about them around the country, the less I like them. My husband's best friend won't even allow his wife to be the unit leader because he doesn't want her to get involved in the shitshow. Oh geez.