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Thursday, June 23, 2011


I wrote my "Angry!" post last week mostly for myself, just to vent. I was touched by the number of sympathetic responses I got: a couple of comments here, a very nice email from a friend, and several phone calls from people I didn't even realize read this blog! Thanks, guys.

In one of those funny twists of fate, the day I wrote the post Spike actually made it home at 6:30 and we got to spend a few hours together before going to bed. He didn't know I'd written about my frustrations, but (for those of you who watch How I Met Your Mother) in one of those Marshall-Lily telepathy moments, started talking about his rear-d command and how he wasn't happy with the effect it was having on our little family. Without being prompted by me, he echoed many of my own frustrations--which was exactly what I needed to hear. He actually made me get a little weepy-eyed by picking up his favorite picture of us and saying something along the lines of, "Every time I see this picture I'm reminded of the fact that I tricked the best woman in the world into marrying me. I hate that I'm not able to give her all of the love and attention she deserves right now. Eventually something will have to give, and it's not going to be my family."

I'm pretty sure I don't deserve him.

Anyway, we talked about what the future might hold for us after this command is over. It's pretty much a big, giant unknown. Spike doesn't necessarily WANT to get out of the military, but since his commitment ends next February, we're going to a job fair tonight just so he can start getting an idea of what some other alternatives might be. It never hurts to be informed.

And lastly, randomly, here's a photobooth strip Spike and I did the last time we stuck our heads into the mall.

As you can see, he thinks it's hysterical to lick me.


  1. Such adorable pictures.. you guys are so cute!

  2. I don't know how I missed your earlier post, seeing as you're one of my faves! I blame "vacation" brain.

    Anyway, there were definitely some weeks prior to deployment where I wished husband was gone already. I cried when attempted to go to bed before "Glee" even came on (at 8pm!). It's awesome that you're on the same page about the priorities.

    And rear-d sucks. Sucks, sucks, sucks. I don't think it's unprofessional at all if Spike just happened to tell one of those screw-up soldiers that, "Because you decided that laws don't apply you and living a good life, my wife is hurting because I'm not home with her. I'm here with you, working out why you don't think living a life without a legal issues is for you." Peppered with a few colorful phases, of course. ;)

    One of my friends was in a similar position as Spike. One of the screw-ups made the BIG mistake of telling a friend over the phone that "this guy isn't going to do anything, he's just a 1LT, don't worry". Kids these days....