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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

7 Things About Me

Do you ever compose blog posts in your head? I do. I'll be getting dressed, in the grocery store, walking the dog, etc., and I'll have a great idea for a blog post, which I then proceed to map out in my head. Problem is, I never actually get around to typing it up.

So now I'm playing catch up.

An embarrassingly long while ago, I was honored to get a blog award from Julie over at When Your Feet Don't Touch the Ground: the Versatile Blogger Award! (I think "versatile" sounds much better than "bewilderingly random." I like it!)

I have to share 7 things about myself....

  1. My favorite herb to smell is basil. Cilantro might be my favorite one to taste, but that's a tough decision.
  2. Even if I allowed my hair to be its natural color, my eyebrows would still be several shades darker.
  3. I have bad vision and am, in fact, legally blind without corrective lenses. When I take my contacts out, in order to focus on the words in a book I have to hold it so close to my face that my nose gets in the way.
  4. History is one of my favorite things in the world, but I don't believe you could pay me any amount of money to actually live in the past. I'd say no to a time machine.
  5. I played piano for about 14 years, from age 3 to 17. It just didn't strike a chord with me (pun intended) so I quit. Now, wouldn't you know, I really want to learn to play the violin. Specifically, I want to be able to fiddle.
  6. I regularly use outdated words and phrases like "methinks" and "perchance" in conversation. Along those lines, my all-time-favorite swear (I don't use it much and prefer to save it for special occasions) is "son of a one-legged, cross-eyed, syphilitic whore." I can't take credit, originated with my brilliant fellow medievalist Amber.
  7. As of last week, I have violet/magenta streaks in my hair. My amazingly talented across-the-street neighbor put them in.

I will pass this award on to:
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And now, to whet your appetite for an upcoming post (I promise this will make it from my head to the Internet), a little teaser: The next big trend is poopting.


  1. I always think, "I show my thumb to you" when I'm mad at someone. There is a Shakespeare insult generator somewhere on the 'net.

    And I love your hair.

  2. I too compose blog posts in my head. If I could somehow think them into my blog I would be set. Sadly most of them never make it:( I LOVE, LOVE basil and cilantro too. It took me awhile to like cilantro (I thought it tasted like soap) it grew on me and now I love it. Also...thanks for the award:)

  3. loved reading this!! I love your hair!